Whether it’s a Television Commercial, Radio ad or a Corporate Video; voiceover or narration is going to play a huge role in that production.

Here at Ottico Lab, we offer three different levels of Voiceover production. These different Voiceover solutions cater for your brand and your productions’ budget, time or your involvement requirements.

Your choice will allow for as much or little creative control of your audio on your production. No matter which level of VO production you choose, a producer from Ottico Lab will be there guiding the audio production.


Voiceover Option 1 – Remote VO Production

Using Audio engineers based in Tasmania, we can remote brief a record with voiceover talent. In doing this, you get choice in a great range of VO artist, we can get a VO completed in prompt turnaround – that is very budget friendly.

The only trade-off is that in this method; we submit a brief, a script and direction remotely – and if there needs to be a change after the record, we’d need to look to do it again.

We’ve done loads of voiceovers in this method and have had huge success in doing so. It really lends itself to repeat productions like versions of TV commercials or subsequent training videos. Once a VO is established – this method of ongoing works is then optimised in the audio production.


Voiceover Option 2 – Directed VO Production

This is the next level up on Option 1 – and in choosing this level of VO production, you can be there online to direct and approve your VO reads. We book a session and can all attend via Zoom (audio) along with the engineer and VO talent.
During these sessions, there is opportunity to hear how your voiceover sounds with your script. Opportunity to offer feedback, make changes and perfect your VO reads.

Throughout the session the engineer will edit together the takes, check for timing and playback. This method offers a huge level of creative control and is best suited to new productions / first time campaigns.


Voiceover Option 3 – In-Studio VO Production

Here we have the premium VO production solution. This is where we all get to attend the VO session in large recording studios based in South Melbourne.

For the ultimate level of creative collaboration and experience in recording your VO – this is for you! We book a session in studio with a renowned engineer. Your chosen VO artist(s) attends in person. You’re welcome to invite all relevant stakeholders and together we’ll all be in the control room with the sound engineer. Your VO artist will be in the booth recording and we’ll have all the opportunity to review, give feedback and perfect your audio right there in the studio.


So for the voiceover in your production – we’ve got you covered with options to suit your budget requirements, time requirements