Motion Graphics

At Ottico Lab, we love creating and producing animated video content. This stems back to our long standing history in TVC production; where clever motion that is relevant and engaging needs to be optimal.

We incorporate these core fundamentals along with careful planning in our motion design to create and enhance Broadcast design and Explainers.

Specialising in Animation and Motion Graphics – in 2D and 3D for Broadcast Design, Advertising, Explainer Videos, Display Video and Social Media content. We really believe in this as a video medium – as it can help communicate a range of messages in an entertaining and engaging way.

• 2D Animation
• 3D Animation
• Broadcast Design
• Infographics


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Choosing the right type of animation for my project

When it comes to animated videos or animated components for your video / production; there are so many options and variables. 
The main categories of animation are Explainer, 2D, 3D, Infographic, stop motion, typographic animation.

When planning an animated video for your brand; consider your brand, your brand and campaign’s personality, other assets or components that relate to your video. 
Read more about the different styles on this blog post

What are the steps for producing an explainer?

Ottico Lab have a designed a workflow specifically for the production of Explainer Videos. The process includes the following steps;

1. Briefing

2. Script writing

3. Illustrations 

4. Voiceover / Narration recording

5. Animation

6. Music

7 Completion


Using motion graphics and titles to enhance other types of video

Beautifully shot, steady, cinematic video is fantastic and certainly a great style of content. But on it’s own can sometimes feel a little plain – no matter how polished it is.

Cue in motion graphics! Titles, lower thirds, graphic sequences, shapes and motion transitions can add so much personality, entertainment, engagement and production quality to your video.