A completely different format that live-action video content; animation can be an incredibly engaging video style. But there are quite a few different animation styles. How to choose the right one for your production?

  • 2D animated
  • 3D animation
  • Motion graphic videos
  • Explainers 
  • Animated typography
  • Stop-motion 

2D is typically the most classic-looking animation style, while 3D is quite a bit more complex.

Motion graphics are found in titles, tv commercials, explainer videos and are quite minimalist in style. Typography is a great vehicle for simle messaging but when it is animated, it adds so much more personality and entertainment to a video. 

Stop-motion can involve real objects captured one frame at a time or can be photographed product. You don’t just have to go down the clay aniamtion method like popular films in the 90’s; stop motion extends so much frther now – especially with the introduction of social media content. 

When it comes to choosing a style of animation you must always consider your brand, objectives, your audience and all other elements that tie back to this production. If they all suit / meet those requirements; then you are on the right track.