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The world of film and television is a competitive one and you want to be certain that your video is professional and presents your company’s identity as you wish it to be portrayed. With the advent of digital technology, it has become easier than ever to produce your own content for online distribution. However, there are still many challenges that need to be overcome before you can make an impact in this industry. One such challenge is finding the right equipment and services to help you get started with production.

An experienced and long established Melbourne Video Production Company

Ottico Lab is a team of professionals with decades of experience in video production and animation. We specialise in creating high quality videos for businesses across all industries including education, training, marketing, advertising, corporate communications, government agencies and more. Our clients include some of Australia’s largest corporations and we work closely with them to ensure their needs are met while maintaining our creative vision.

An Easy Production Experience to Make Your Business Look Great

We take care of the production process so that you can focus on other challenges Whether you require a short promotional clip, a 30-minute documentary, a feature length movie or anything else – we’ve got you covered.

With years of combined experience working in the field, we understand what works best when producing films and videos. And because we don’t just use stock footage, we create original material using only the latest technologies available.

Whether you choose to hire us for a single task or a whole package, we guarantee total satisfaction.

We create high quality video content for your business that is designed to achieve results.

Our client base is diverse, ranging from small businesses through to large organisations who need help with specific video projects or campaigns.

We make Videos That Not Only Look Great, But Inspire & Compel Your Audience To Take Action

The videos you create are the most important part of your marketing strategy. They’re what will get people to take action and ultimately convert them into customers or clients for your business.

But how do you know if they work? How can you tell whether a video is going to inspire viewers to buy from you instead of someone else? And even more importantly – how do you make sure that it works on every platform? At Ottico Lab, we believe there should be one set of standards across all platforms. We want to give you an easy production experience that makes creating great videos as effortless as possible. So whatever type of video you need, we can provide expert advice and guidance along the way.

And since we produce custom made videos, we can adapt to suit your brand and target audience. If you already have a logo, website, social media accounts etc., we can incorporate these elements seamlessly into your strategy.

We offer full service solutions from concept through postproduction and delivery. From filming, editing, sound design, graphics, animations, voice over, music composition, colour grading, finishing and delivery – everything is done by us!

We’ll guide you through every step of the production process so you know exactly what’s going on during the shoot. You will receive regular updates throughout the entire process. This way you always stay up to date and informed about any changes that may occur.

If you’re looking for a company that offers complete peace of mind then look no further. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you with your next big idea.

Our goal at Ottico Lab is simple: To deliver outstanding results for each client project. 

We work with all business types and sectors to produce a range of video and moving content.
Ottico Lab’s scalable specialist model provides a talented video and film production team. We’ll design the right team around your video production’s requirements. Offering video production services from Pre-Production and planning right through to completion.

Shooting on location or in studio with professional grade production equipment for the capture for vision and audio. We shoot with Blackmagic Design, Rode, Benro, Shinobi, DJI, Aputure and more.

Moving your video into Post Production, we can add all of bells and whistles to a video edit to make your video great. With loads of options in the production of titles, graphics, animations, narration, sound effects and music beds, Ottico Lab are ready to produce your video.

• Online Video
• Social Media Video
• Storyteller Video
• Instore / POS
• Video Display

• Corporate Video
• Drone Video

How to engage a Video Production company

Bringing your video concept to life can be a tough step and then engaging someone to realise your vision. Your video concept is important to your brand and your hard earned budget. It’s at this point it that also you could go horribly wrong or end up with an incomplete video.

So, here’s how to engage a Video Production company and kickstart your production.

First up, when looking for a video production company  – look at their works. Are the look of those works inline with what you are looking to make.

Is this company making similar video to what you are looking into? Often a production company will have a distinct style or lean towards a particular production type. You might find that they’re making a lot of animated TV commercials but you want to make an About us Video that’s filmed. Or they film outdoor action or adventure video but you’re looking for an Explainer. There really is a difference and ability to make it.

Try to find a partner that is a good fit for what you want to make.


Fully Insured and Professional

Make sure the video production company that you are considering have the correct insurances. Public liabilities, business insurance – coverage in the event that they can’t deliver your job.

Imagine you bought half a million dollars of TV advertising space and the production company doesn’t get your ad there in time. Are you protected? Make sure they have proper systems, use professional equipment, and have backup solutions. Do they just have a slick website and amazing gift of the gab but really it’s just a bloke on an iMac in a garden shed.

Take some time to find out who they are. Are there Google reviews or testimonials?
Do you know someone who has worked with them? If you can – find out what that experience was like.


What kind of Video do I need?

brief your Do you know where it’s going after it’s made?

If it’s a website video – your web developer is adding to the website – right? The production company isn’t going to host your video for you.

Are you adding it to YouTube? Do you have the correct licenses? Is the music ok to use there? Do you have any copyrighted material in your video?

Are you making a TV ad? Is it compliant? Has FreeTV Australia seen it? You can’t DropBox your ad to the station, it’s broadcast – who’s sending your ad to the station and instructing them when to play it.

These are all factors that will play a part in ensuring that you end up with a video that meets your requirements. So when planning to produce a video,  work backwards from where your intended use is, and you’ll be able to confidently brief the type of video you need.

Filming with a drone

Add to your video production content with magnificent drone footage. Filmed on a professional Drone with cinematographer. The footage captured in 5.4K with amazing image and colour quality. This will perfectly match the footage that Ottico Lab shoot on the Blackmagic Camera’s. Out drone’s can film in this extra large format and LOG colour profiles – meaning that the shots are just breathtaking. 

To film in Australia, there are some rules with using a drone but don’t worry we have this covered. 

Before each shoot or flight, we’ll check the airspace and map to seek approval. Proximity to airports, heliports and particular landmarks are restricted. Some areas may also have time and day limitations. But we can seek this well before booking a shoot. The pilot is registered with CASA and carries a valid Australian commercial RPA license (remote piloted aircraft). The aircraft itself is registered and holds a current CASA certification. Each flight is also registered – the GPS plots the time, date, speeds, heights and distances travelled with the drone – so we’ve got to do the right thing and keep airspaces and people safe. 

The maximum height  for flight in Australia is 120 metres. Most drones max out at 100 metres, but we can climb the full 120 metres – and the shots are amazing! We must fly with the aircraft within visible line of sight and not around anyone that isn’t participating in the shoot. 

There are rules but we’ll manage all of this – so you can focus on the incredible shots filmed from the sky.


Contact us about producing video for you.