Publish and share imagery that persuasively communicates your messages with Ottico Lab’s team of photography experts. With a couple of decades of experience across photography and branding, we’ll help you craft commercial and corporate imagery that accurately represents your brand, products and people.

Maximise your investment with:

  • Bespoke imagery across digital and traditional media
  • E-commerce, campaign, and social photography across all content requirements

Rely on our team’s collaboration-focused approach, attention to detail, and creative and technical expertise during the briefing, producing and photoshoot stages.

Whether it’s a small e-commerce product shoot with one photographer or a full-scale production involving a team of creatives, we’ll work to any brief.

We specialise in:

  • Product Photography
  • Lifestyle Photography
  • Stop Motion Photography
  • Branding Photography
  • Interiors Photography

    Transform your advertising, social media, digital and print content with high-performing professional imagery.

    Preparing your photography brief

    Providing us with a comprehensive brief at the start of the process helps keep things as streamlined as possible and allows us to deliver imagery that meets all your needs. From final deadlines to image specs we have outlined our preferred way of briefing in our Blog post “Briefing your photographer”, check it out now

    Where can we shoot from?

    We are happy to shoot in your own space if you have something suitable or we have many studio options available depending on the scale of your shoot. Of course there is always the option for a photoshoot on location and we can travel across Victoria to capture your content.

    E-commerce imagery, think like a customer.

    Want to get the most out of your imagery online then the key is to think like a customer. Are there features to a product that can only be seen from a certain angle, does the colour photograph accurately or need some adjustments, will propping it help give context to intended use? Our team is highly skilled in guiding you to get the perfect shot list for your products online.