Television Commercial Production

This is where it all began. Producing Television Commercials from when the industry began to shift from tape to digital. It was at this time we were heavily involved in creating workflows and digital commercial delivery.

Working across all components of TVC Production to understand and fine tune efficient TVC Production workflows. We can write, design and produce your TVC and take it right through to station delivery.

We have an extensive history working with Media Buyers and broadcast specialists, making the process for clients – easy.
In addition to producing standalone commercials, we can design efficient workflows for ongoing campaigns, versioning or bulk regionalized commercial sets.

Your TVC can be animated using motion graphics, filmed or we can work with already created assets.

At Ottico Lab, you’re in good hands for TVC Production, compliance and broadcast delivery.

Script writing & Storyboarding
• Production
• Broadcast Delivery

Ready to produce your next TVC campaign, contact us now.

What is CAD or ClearAds Approval?

All TVC’s (Television Commercials) or other broadcast TV materials must be properly classified by FreeTV Australia, before they are allowed to be broadcast on Free to Air TV. FreeTV or ClearAds will issue a CAD (Commercials Advise) Classification Number attached to every Television spot .

Read more about how we can ensure your commercials are FreeTV / ClearAds CAD Approved on this blog post

How do we get the commercials to station

Broadcast Television stations accept material via only the specified broadcast formats. This sadly won’t include an online fine transfer method. You can’t DropBox your ad to the station, it’s broadcast !

Quality checking and preparing material for broadcast requires specialised testing equipment and the format needs to be right in order for stations to accept the material. Australian free to air broadcast tv stations have a specific list of methods of delivery. Luckily, at Ottico Lab – we have nearly two decades of experience in delivering for broadcast and we are partnered with Peach. Our edit suite is linked to the Peach platform, where we can book and dispatch TVC deliveries.

We have realtime TVC delivery tracking, live previewing of material and can upgrade the speed of delivery to networks. Rest assured, this process is just a part of a TVC production at Ottico Lab.


Will my commercials be Compliant?

Of course your do. And so do we! The last thing we want is to go through all the effort of making an Ad – only to have it knocked back at the time of sending it out. So, we plan and write the commercials with this in mind. Having worked with various categories and gaining experience making and approving loads of Ads – we know what to look for upfront.

Ottico Lab operate under the guidance of the FreeTV Handbook, inline with the ACCC and have worked with compliance agents – to be best prepared for success. In addition, we’ll raise a Pre-Approval and can engage ClearAds in that process when a commercial is in concept or script phase. This way, we can seek further guidance on how to promote your message and product in a way that is compliant and easy for your customers to understand.




Networks are currently in their Festive period. Commercials are loaded and TVC delvieries will resume as per normal deadlines as of mid-January 2023. Be sure to start briefing now for advertising on air in late January 2023.