Television Commercial Production

This is where it all began. Producing Television Commercials from when the industry began to shift from tape to digital. It was at this time we were heavily involved in creating workflows and digital commercial delivery.

Working across all components of TVC Production to understand and fine tune efficient TVC Production workflows. We can write, design and produce your TVC and take it right through to station delivery.

We have an extensive history working with Media Buyers and broadcast specialists, making the process for clients – easy.
In addition to producing standalone commercials, we can design efficient workflows for ongoing campaigns, versioning or bulk regionalized commercial sets.

At Ottico Lab, you’re in good hands for TVC Production, compliance and broadcast delivery.

• Script writing & Storyboarding
• Production
• Compliance
• Broadcast Delivery

What is CAD or ClearAds Approval?

All TVC’s (Television Commercials) or other broadcast TV materials must be properly classified by FreeTV Australia, before they are allowed to be broadcast on Free to Air TV. FreeTV or ClearAds will issue a CAD (Commercials Advise) Classification Number attached to every Television spot .

Of course we can look to seek the approvals once a commerical is finished but when we begin planning a TVC, we are already considering factors that will meet compliance and have the best chance at getting CAD Approval. Compliance under the ACCC and FreeTV Australia handbook guidelines are exactly what we are considering before even writing the TVC script. We have a long history in making TVC’s for retail, competitions/promotions, FMCG and Supermarket, Automotive, Pharmaceutical and more.

Rest assured with Ottico Lab, we have a great history in producing TVC’s in Melbourne, Australia.

Ready to produce your next TVC campaign, contact us now.