Ever felt hesitant to give feedback on a video or film shoot about camera moves?

It’s a pretty common feeling and occurrence – especially now with brands, stakeholders and team members in attendance at so many shoots. We love and embrace this and especially welcome collaboration at shoots.

So, to better arm you with the lingo – here are the key camera moves.

  1. Pan

This is the camera being stationary and pivoting on it’s tripod to rotate left or right.


  1. Tilt

Just like the Pan shot, this is with the camera mounted in the tripod but this time the camera move is tilting  on the tripod pivot up and down.


  1. Truck

This is the camera moving from side to side (left/right) in a sliding motion. This shot is common on tracks or a slider.


  1. Dolly

Just like the above camera move, the truck; this camera move us where the camera is sliding in towards the subject or away from the subject.


  1. Jib

This camera move is lifting vertically. 20 years ago this was often referred to as boom but many call this jib now.