Positioning. Hunching over a laptop screen or a handheld device isn’t a great look for the audience on the other end. So, raise your camera up to your eye level. If using a mobile device – mount it.

Steady your shot. If you’re shooting with a mobile or portable device – place it on a hard level surface to get a steady and professional shot. Find yourself a collection of books to sit it on or ideally on a tripod

Lighting. Test your shot and carefully position yourself around lights. Open and close curtains, turn your lights and off. Trial and perfect – to get an even lit look. Diffusion is what makes pro videos look so nice and it’s super easy to achieve. If you haven’t got access to film lighting – you can just hang or drape white sheets – and then pass light through them to create beautiful even lighting.

Audio. Plug in headphones and test your own sound. If you’re using an external Microphone; position it close to you and play with the direction of the Mic. All Microphones work directionally, so consider what else is in the direction of the Mic as well as yourself. Loud music in the next room or a busy street? You may want to spin around to reduce this noise.

Test you’re the look of your shot before you begin. Look for unflattering lighting and adjust. Check your audio. Test all of these things with a 10 second test shoot and perfect before you look to begin filming.